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I wish to share my broad experience in the field of management innovation and branding with other companies and their employees.
Having been trained by ACAD (ACadministrators’ Academy) and being aware of the issues related to corporate governance, I also wish to be involved as a board member of SMEs or in the form of corporate consulting.

Nova means “new” in Latin. I see innovation as a vital need in a company. Implementing the right innovation tools and processes is the key to staying competitive in a constantly changing market.

Allow your company to provide a healthier environment and promote good physical condition and a higher level of well-being amongst your employees. Whether it be with the help of an exoskeleton or other load-bearing aids such as robots or other carriage support, our aim is to prevent the risks of musculoskeletal pain in various industries and agriculture.

Today, Lean Management is increasingly popular in many industries because of its multiple benefits. Considering the needs of employees, eliminating “wastage” in your processes while placing customer expectations at the heart of the project embodies this pragmatic and simple strategy.

Adopting a continuous improvement approach within your company implies activating levers on a daily basis to enhance your performance and reach your objectives more efficiently. Many tools exist today to implement such initiative. We will help you find the ones that are the most suitable for your work environment.

Creating or improving your brand identity is inextricably connected to the development of a branding strategy that reflects your company’s DNA. Narrating or creating a story that will bring you closer to your customers while increasing your attractiveness to recruit the best partners are paramount to the success of your company and too often underestimated.

They trusted us


Nicolas Wüst

Founder and CEO of Novafree